Quality Policy

  • ● Quality policy----Technological Innovation, Stable Quality, Customer Satisfaction
  • ● We continuously improve the current processes, in order to timely and effectively 
  •      provide our products and services for customers and meet them needs. No matter is
  •      current products,new products or services, we could meet them needs even beyond
  •      their needs and expect.
  • ● In order to achieve this policy, various quality management techniques such as ISO
  •      9001 are used to improve the quality management system. Under this techniques
  •      and policy, our quality management system could be effectively implemented and
  •      maintained.
  • ● In addition,we will solve the problem professionally and carefully to quickly respond
  •      our customers, also comply with safety regulations at the same time.


Environmental security policy

       e-Ray develops and manufactures organic electroluminescent materials, charge transfer materials for organic photoreceptor drums, and UV resin for optical film and optical films with technological innovation and breakthroughs. On the other hand,environment safty and employee protection work are the social responsibility of the company.To establish a quantitative management goal of environmental safety and security with continuously improving the implementation method. We hope to keep sustainable company development with company's growth, employee safty and environmental protection at the same time.


Adhere to the following our commitment and the company's environmental safety management policy:   

  • 1. Comply with environmental protection laws and regulations.
  • 2. To maintain and implement the environmental safety and health management system as a target. 
  • 3. Carried out pollution prevention and risk improvement and the work of waste gas, waste water, waste liquid, waste cleaning and chemical substance management.
  • 4. Committed to the saving energy, resource recycling, waste reduction activities.
  • 5. Promote the concept of environmental safety and health to enhance whoever employees or cooperators  environmental awareness and ability. 
  • 6. Continue to implement employee education and operation safety management.