e-Ray Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. established in October 2000, invested in  development of OLED, PLED and OPC materials, also completed production and manufacturing technology. After three years of reach, Our results had successively obtained a number of usable patents, and OLED materials has inducted the customer production line of display panel manufacturing in December 2003. Currently,  a series of OLED materials has developed and mass-produced include electron transport materials, hole injection materials, hole transport materials, and suitable red,green or blue host and dopant materials in full-color OLED. On the other hand, we actively corperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and all sectors of academia to develop and improve a new generation of OLED materials with high emission efficiency, pure RGB color, high brightness and long life. We can provide the key OLED materials with high quality, reliability and advantage competitive price.  We attach importance to every employee, not only provide a good working environment, but also opportunity for learning and growth. Welcome to join us.